Licenciada Rosisella Puglisi Spadaro Nutricionista Clínico

Invertir en Nutrición es Invertir en salud



  • Educate and advise a wide range of patients with dietary-related disorders on the practical ways in which they can improve their health by adopting healthier eating habits.
  • Translate the science of nutrition into everyday information about food.
  • Calculate parenteral’s nutrition for patients.
  • Calculate enteral nutrition for patients.
  • Provided medical nutrition therapy to dialysis patients, provided services to center staff as well as consulting the entire medical staff.
  • Give medical nutrition therapy along with diabetes education, self-care training to clinical research subjects. Staff nutritional counselor.
  • Calculate patients’ nutritional requirements using standard equations based on assessments of blood chemistry, temperature, stress, mobility and other relevant factors.
  • Other responsibilities include: Analyzing the nutritional content of food (including new products, if working in the food industry), delivering group sessions to a variety of audiences including children and patient groups, working as part of a multidisciplinary team in hospitals or in a community setting to gain patients’ cooperation in following recommended dietary treatments.
  • Teach other healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, biochemists, health professionals, social workers, care workers, community groups) about food and nutrition issues.
  • Write articles for local and national newspapers and newsletters and advise hospital catering departments about the specific dietary requirements of patients.
  • Distribute and disseminate nutrition resources/ information.


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